Saturday, March 10, 2012

Junior Jazz Fun Shot & Tournament

Junior Jazz is more than just Jazz games on Saturday. There is a Jazz player appearance (this year it was Devin Harris, I took the three little boys to that), tickets to a Jazz game, and the FUNSHOT competition.  This is an individual skills competition, where each participant has one minute to score as many points as possible. There are five set positions on the floor, each worth a different amount of points. You get bonus points for making attempts from each different spot. (If you want to read a little more in depth about it, I included a copy of the score sheet and all the rules on the HoopDreams blog). There are three rounds (two if they run out of time). Both Keaton and Callahan participated in it this year and last, and this year Callahan qualified to move onto Region (against the top kids from all the local rec centers).

Callahan (and his buddy Mason, who has taken first place at Gene Fullmer the past few years) went onto region, and only ONE kid beat them ... and it wasn't by much! 1st place was 79 points (two rounds), Mason scored 78, Callahan scored 75. Only first place gets to move onto the finals though, so that's it for Funshot ... until next year ... (and yes ... I made a video, see it HERE).

Callahan's team also entered the end of season tournament, where the top teams from each rec center can play against each other. The boys sailed through the tournament undefeated and took home a championship t-shirt.

I posted links to all five games on the Hoop Dreams blog
 at the bottom of the regular Junior Jazz season (here).

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