Thursday, March 29, 2012


So, I'd heard of Pinterest ... it would come up in conversation here and there and as I was on Facebook I could see that many people were "pinning" things, but I didn't really investigate further. I remember awhile back on Facebook, there was a trend, little "pin" quotes, like the "flair" from the movie "Office Space" and I thought it was something silly like that. 

A friend sent me an invite and suggested a try it out ... I was immediately hooked! It was SO much simpler than trying to bookmark webpages or save images/instructions to my hard-drive. It was like an electronic filing cabinet where I could organize EVERYTHING online that interested me ... and I could peek in to friend's filing cabinets (or pinboards) to see what was interesting to them.   Recipes, books, holiday crafts, quotes, humor ... it is addicting! A good  majority of the items you could probably find if you Googled them, but you wouldn't even THINK to search out some of the ideas you stumble upon.

There are a LOT of jokes about Pinterest (in fact, I created a board just for them!) and I know I have been wasting a lot of time there, but it's also jumpstarted me into trying new recipes. I created a "Pinned it, Tried it" board for those pins I've actually put to use.  I'm sure hubby would LOVE it if a tried out a few more of the cleaning and organizing ideas *Ü*.

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  1. I have not joined pinterest yet. I'm sure it's in my future but I waste enough time without it! lol.


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