Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooper's Jazz Jersey

So ... Cooper missed out on going to the Jazz game with his Junior Jazz team. He was home sick throwing up that night.  Daddy still took Colton, Keaton and Landon which ended up a disaster (TummyTrouble). Keaton was able to go on HIS Junior Jazz night and Landon went with the young men, but Cooper (and Callahan) were still awaiting their turn.  Now Callahan had played on TWO Junior Jazz teams (one 7th grade team, and one 7th grade team playing up in the 8th grade division) so he actually had four tickets ... so there was an extra one for Cooper! Yea! Cooper was SO excited. He has a few "old" Jazz jerseys ... as Darrin Williams is no longer on the team, Cooper altered his jersey to make it more current ... isn't that cute?  And the Jazz won, so it was a great night for the boys.

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