Friday, March 9, 2012

Honors Again

It was Honor Roll Assembly time again at Columbia, and again, all three boys made the honor roll.  They were having the assembly for C track at 9:15, and the assembly for D track at 10:00 ... but they were doing the entire kindergarten at the earlier assembly, so I got to attend both (again). Actually, being a Friday, it was late-start at the middle school for Callahan. I told Colton I probably wouldn't be able to make it for the early assembly and he seemed ok with that. I did rush over as soon as I'd dropped Callahan off and made it there JUST as they read Colton's name ... I'm not sure why he looks so surly in this picture. I could NOT get a smile.

Cooper is shining in school! 
He is always at the top of his class in both behavior and academics. 
I'm very proud of him!

If you look in the pictures, you can see that a LOT of kids in the kindergarten class made the honor roll ... by 2nd grade, that number has gone down. It seems to dwindle as the ages go up. Keaton was the only boy in his class to make honor roll. Congrats Keaton! 

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