Friday, March 30, 2012


Tux Rental ... $45
Corsage ... $23
Dance Ticket ... $34
Dinner ... $45
Pictures ... $17
Ice Cream ...$11

Prom ... Priceless
(Landon said it was a blast and it was worth it!)

This was the first dance that Landon has attended.   We went to "A Tip Top Tux" the week before to pick out his duds ... if you live in West Jordan and anywhere near it, I would definitely recommend it. Close, easy and inexpensive. Landon went online to look for a corsage and found the one he liked at FlowerPatch. The silver wristband ended up matching Maddie's dress perfectly. I drove Landon out to pick up his date (and after both she and her mom tried to pin on the boutonniere they brought it to me ... I got it on in one try *Ü*) They had already taken a number of pictures inside, but I asked them for just one, and it turned out nice. I dropped the cute couple off at another house (his best friend Sam, her date's parents were the chauffeurs for the evening). They went to dinner at the Gateway, then onto The Capital for the dance. Maga was working late and did try to see Landon, but they didn't connect (dang it, that would have been fun!). Landon said the dance was great. They went out for ice cream after and got home just after midnight ... I had fallen asleep, but had awakened and was waiting up :)

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