Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun with Randon

Colton has a little friend named Randon ... I've posted about him before (here and here). Whereas Colton is the youngest in the Blackham Bunch, Randon is the oldest in his family. I like to think maybe that is why Randon's family has so much more energy to do fun things, and luckily, they SO often invite Colton to come along. Pictures above and below are of Randon's pirate birthday party (Colton has yet to have a friend birthday party). 

ahhh ... scary pirates!

Colton loves to go to Randon's house. He has a trampoline ... a BIG TV room, a dog AND a puppy, and a really cute little brother too! Randon's grandma lives on a farm, and Colton has visited there frequently. Even simple things, like going to a carwash, are fun things he's done with Randon's family. 

In just the last couple months, Randon's family invited him to go with them to the Safe Kid's Fair at Southtowne. There was a ton of stuff to do. Colton was so happy to get a little bag and handouts at each of the booths. They got their hair painted and got to play on a Wii (we have a Wii, but I guess it's more fun away from home). When he came home, he said "this was the funnest day in my ENTIRE life" ... all six years. Of course a few days later, he went sledding with Randon and said THAT was the funnest day of his life.

Randon's family also invited Colton to go to Hollywood Connection with them. It was a lot of fun, with a small rollercoaster and bumper cars. Then, Colton was invited to go to the zoo! Randon's mom even took these cute Colton pictures!

A big thanks to Randon's family for including Colton in so much fun!
So much better than being stuck home with Mom!

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