Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tummy Trouble

Back in April2010, I posted about a "sick day" in the Blackham home ... when the stomach bug took down all five boys. We'd never been hit quite that hard before ... but it happened again, and I have to say, this time was actually even worse! It's bad enough dealing with it during the day, but when you're up ALL night ... this bug hit fast and furious with almost NO warning, and this time, I wasn't able to escape. Boo!

Just like before, Cooper started it. It was the first day back to school after the holiday break. He'd been just fine in the morning. I'd been at the school volunteering in his classroom from 11:00-12:00 and there was no sign anything was amiss.  It was shortly after 3:00, he threw up all over himself, his desk, his backpack. I came as quickly as I could, but not before he threw up again in the office (a couple of times). I got him home, a quick bath, then I had to go back for the carpool kids, and poor Cooper had thrown up again by the time I got home. It just kept coming and coming.

The timing was especially unfortunate, as that Tuesday evening we had tickets to the Jazz game from both Cooper and Colton's Junior Jazz teams.  Grayson was planning on taking the boys and Cooper had been so excited. With Cooper out of commission, Keaton went ahead and took his ticket and he, Gray, Landon, Colton headed to the game. 

It wasn't long after 7:00 when Grayson texted me ... Keaton had thrown up there at Energy Solutions Arena. They had gotten Landon and Colton settled, but hadn't even made it to their seats yet. Gray arranged for neighbors to bring Landon and Colton home and he headed back with Keaton. He'd just made it home when he got a text from Landon ...  another Blackham boy down. Grayson headed back up to grab him (and Colton). 

It was a miserable night. It was such a violent bug! Landon actually got a bloody nose. Right after a "session" the boys would be hot and sweating. I had a fan and a cool cloth for them, but soon they would chill again. I got up to answer Keaton's call in the middle of the night when I had to grab a bucket myself. I was pretty much useless after that. 

Unfortunately, Gray had some things at work he had to do. Landon was feeling a bit better by morning. Callahan and Colton seemed ok, but they still stayed home from school. I was in no condition to drive Callahan to school, and I was afraid with the recent Blackham propensity for puking in public places, that they would get sick and I wasn't sure I'd be able to go get them if that happened.  The boys were pretty much done throwing up, and now it was the recovery phase ... long naps to make up for the lack of sleep during the night. I pretty much stayed in my room all day, so everyone had to fend for themselves, with Callahan and Landon helping out. My VT teachers brought over some dinner, and another neighbor brought in a care package (Sprite, crackers, soup, etc.).

Thursday Landon went back to school, as did Callahan and Colton. Cooper and Keaton probably could have, but I let them recoup for one more day. In the evening I dropped Callahan off at basketball practice just to get a call 15 minutes later that he was feeling sick. At least he did make it to a garbage can! Just like Keaton and Landon, starting in the evening, it was a long, miserable night. I think he must have ruptured some blood vessels when he vomited, because he had red blotches all over his face and neck.

Friday Callahan stayed home, but the rest of the boys went to school. Colton came home from kindergarten and immediately started crying ... and then it was his turn (although he didn't seem to have it quite as bad as the other boys). 

I'm not sure how Grayson survived without coming down with it! As our family first came down with this bug, we heard that it had also hit at Clay and Courtney's house (both Will and Addie). Then Pam too. Kolby and Jami's girls had been hit a few days beforehand, and other cousins on both sides had been down over Christmas. Everywhere, we seemed to hear stories of people coming down with this nasty bug. A few days after my two boys barfed all over Energy Solutions Arena, one of the Jazz players was listed on the "injured" list with ... FLU ... Keaton and Landon looked at each other like "did we do that??" I don't think I've even been aware of a stomach flu being SO prevalent.

I hope it's a looooooooooooooooooooong time before it hits again! 

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