Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday
 ...remembering our yummy meal last year, I sent Grayson out to buy steaks yesterday. We did not have our usual Sunday Circles but instead saved room in our tummies for steak, chicken, taters and rolls/breadsticks.  I know, it's very "white", needs some veggie color. This has got to be my favorite meal though. YUMMY! I had made the roll dough yesterday, but with early church, I did have to get up and get them rising before the meetings. 

We did actually turn on the game. I don't understand football at all though, and the first two points there right at the beginning had be quite confused. Cooper also had questions, he asked "Is this FLAG football?" ... with the bodies hurling and smashing each other I wasn't sure what gave him that idea, but he continued "I saw them throw a flag" ... that's true, they did!

As a non-fan, like many others, I enjoy the commercials more than the game. As I didn't watch the entire game, I had to catch some of the commercials online afterward :) ... I have to admit I thought the Ferris Beuller references were great (although the kids didn't get it) ... not sure if they understood Seinfield's spot either, those were for older audiences I guess. The kids laughed out loud at the M&M's "Sexy and I Know It" dance though! Keaton's been watching all of the E-Trade baby ones on YouTube, Landon loves the Doritos commercials (this one wasn't one of the ones aired, but it was Landon's favorite). The "Happy Grad" by Chevy made everyone grin. I don't know that any of the commercials will make us go out and buy the products, but one commercial DID make Gray go out and buy the song featured on it ...  apparently many others were influenced too, as it is now in the Top10 on Itunes.  Here's is the commercial  ...

This song has been playing a LOT ... on the Ipods and in my head ...
Gray downloaded four different versions (including the Glee version)

If YOU like the song, Chevy is offering FREE downloads (while they last, just follow the link on the video). Also if you have a SLCounty library card, you can download the Glee version free on Freegal.

What were your favorite commercials?

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