Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I didn't get around to making cute valentines like I did last year.  Just had the kids write their name on little FunDip packages to give out. I do go into Cooper's class and help out with their class party, and snagged a picture of their valentine boxes.

I was thinking of making sugar cookies, but then Landon got it in his head to make a big batch of chocolate chip ones. He took them to school for his friends the next day.

Here's my gift from Gray ... it wasn't empty when I got it. In the spirit of the current coin collecting trend, he also gave me some chocolate coins, which I shared with the little boys. They ATE them ... I thought they MIGHT save them with their other special money.

I got Gray a little yellow helicopter ... the one we got at Christmas didn't survive Christmas day. This little guy seems to be lasting a bit better :)  ok... not exactly a romantic present, but it's been fun.

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