Friday, February 3, 2012

OT Activities & DiFran Family Fun

It feels like the kids were JUST off track (it was back in Oct/Nov), but the long Christmas break feels like off-track time. We go back in January for just two weeks (even less, with our boys getting sick) and then it's out of school AGAIN. But I have to say, I have never enjoyed an off-track time more. We filled it with FUN and the DiFrancesco Family!

I'd run into Kiana and kids a few years ago as we volunteered in the Columbia classrooms. It was mostly in Cooper's (her son Marc was in the same class). We also figured out that her son Tony was in Keaton's class and that they were good buddies. Then we happened to get Colton and Mara on the same soccer team (and they are now in the same kindergarten class).  It was last year (Spring Off-Track) when we got together for our first playdate at the park. The kids got along so well (and Kiana and I enjoyed chatting) so we continued to get together  from then on. 

Last summer we hit Jump N Bounce a LOT ... and we did it again this off-track time. I'm always watching for the specials offering a month pass for $25. It's such a great deal and we really made the most of it. I think we went six times during this off-track. But it wasn't the only fun place frequented ...

I had also picked up some coupons to Fun N Motion ... Laser Tag and Laser Maze. Another fun day with friends. There are also arcade games there, but I try to tell the kids to save their arcade play for someplace like ... NickelMania ...

Keaton said he actually enjoyed NickelMania more the Fun N Motion, so next off-track we might try to hit it more than once. Look at all those tickets (they actually got about as many at Fun N Motion too). I'm never sure if the kids are actually playing games, or just trying to get tickets! They always love redeeming them for the penny prizes. 

We also invited the DiFran family over for breakfast one morning. I made french toast and then the kids played for a couple of hours. We'll definitely be doing that again too. 

Of course, off-track time is also a good time for various appointments and such, without having to pull the kids out of school. So both Cooper and Colton had visits to the dentist (and they both did SO great) and Cooper had a followup with the pediatrician.

Back to school on Monday ... back to the routine!

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