Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Teenager

It's official ... 
we have another TEENager in the house.

We just had a belated birthday party for Callahan last summer, so no friend party this year. We went up to Maga's on Sunday, with the usual chocolate cake from Sam's Club (I forgot my camera, but Maga took some pictures, I'll try to update when I get a copy). Monday we went to Mountain Mikes as a family, and Tuesday we celebrated at home with an ice cream cake, yum!

The past couple years on the blog, I've included a slideshow of pictures of the birthday boy through the years. I've updated the album, and you can visit it here ... Such a cute little boy! For 2012, I thought I'd include a little history of the birth for each child on their birthday blog post ...

The pregnancy with Callahan was made memorable by me passing out at church ... I continued to have dizzy spells for the remainder of the pregnancy.  It was election season, and someone with the last name "Callahan" was running for office and there were signs with the name "Callahan" all over town. We liked it as a first name :) It was 2 1/2 weeks before the baby was due, when I had a bad night. Little Landon was sick with a cold and I was having cramps that kept me awake. When morning rolled around I realized that the "cramps" were coming at fairly even intervals ... could this be labor? It was a Sunday morning, I called my mom and got her opinion. She thought it could be and asked it they should come out or head to church, I told them to head to church ... what would happen in three hours? She called after the first meeting to check on me, I told her everything was still pretty much the same. I wasn't even positive it was labor.  I hung up - and my water broke. I called the number on the caller id and my mom answered, and they headed out to meet us at the hospital. We had to take Landon with us because all the neighbors were at church. We put a call into Pam but she was at church too. We got to the hospital and they put me in a room for observation. Apparently, when your water breaks you should bring something with the liquid on it that they can test to make sure it is amniotic fluid, otherwise, they don't necessarily believe that it was that and not something else. I was having some pretty good contractions while I was waiting and my mother demanded that someone at least check me ... what do you know, I was dilated to a 9 ... I was quickly admitted and even got an epidural and the baby came. We hadn't even been there an hour. Pam had gotten the message and rushed over, but missed the birth by minutes. Callahan was howling and a nice pink/red in color. He was 8 pounds 10 ounces, so we wondered what he would have weighed had he waited the two plus weeks until his due date! Welcome to the world! Happy BIRTHday Callahan!

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