Monday, February 13, 2012

Coin Collecting

Grayson wasn't an avid coin collector when he was young, but he had been given some rare coins and a birth year proof set that he had hung onto. A few weeks ago, after he returned from his work weekend (and their little detour to Mesquite for a bit of gambling) he came home with a 50¢ piece, which he presented to Colton. The kids were quite captivated, and thus the collection of coins began. Gray made a trip into a coin store and picked up a few more 50¢ pieces and silver dollars, also asking at the bank for any of the dollar coins available. He grabbed a few $2 bills too ... anything out of the ordinary. The kids seem quite into it!

 Gray also picked up some proof sets from the year the kids were born
1999 for Callahan (above)
2000 for Keaton (below)
Gray got the quarter proof sets for the little boys, but they still need the other set. And we do still need to pick up the other set for Landon ... they didn't have the new quarters in 1995 when he was born.  There was another trip to the coin store last Saturday, this time the boys went with Daddy, they thought it was pretty cool. They all came home with a Morgan dollar.

We're in the Money ...

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  1. Grayson did a great job for coin collection. I try to collect rare coin in different country.


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