Saturday, February 11, 2012

School Lunch

Landon's Lunchbox
With the kids back on track, it's back to making lunches. I used to do it everyday, as Cooper would always take cold lunch. His lunch was always exactly the same ... a CapriSun, turkey sandwich, Doritos, fruit snack and a treat (usually a small KitKat). He's now a little more daring and will take school lunch on occasion (chicken nuggets, corn dog, hot dog or pizza). Keaton likes a few additional items, but there are still many days he brings lunch from home too (no turkey sandwich for him though, he likes peanutbutter and honey ... and he likes Funyons or Hot Cheetos over Doritos).  Callahan takes cold lunch occasionally, but hot lunch is just easier. But Landon ... he's been taking a lunch lately, in his cute little lunch box. It's really nice, because he packs it up himself. He'll still take school lunch sometimes, he's my least picky eater, and he likes most everything. I think he just likes sitting down and eating without having to stand in line for half of lunch. I'll take advantage of it while I can *Ü*

I recently discovered Pinterest  and have pinned some new lunch ideas to maybe shake things up (for Grayson as well as the boys) ... aren't these sandwiches the cutest? Too cute to eat even! Callahan saw these pictures and said "I want THAT person to be making MY lunch!" I don't blame him! That's one creative momma!

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  1. Hey Jen
    I'm glad you commented. I follow your blog and it's so good to see your cute family growing, with all those handsome boys of yours I can't even believe how you run that household lol. We love your family so much and we hope your all doing well. I didn't know ana had a blog so I"m glad you commented on mine so I could find her and I did so she's on my list now so thank you, also about the basketball mom thing How could you not be one of those moms especially when you have 5 boys that play I think that's awesome Keep up the good work. Talk to ya soon. Love Brooke


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