Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Double Dozen

I've posted about Dunford Donuts before (on Donut Day). We actually hadn't been getting there much, as we were SO busy with basketball games every Saturday. But when basketball ended, Landon suggested a trip in for donuts last week (I obliged, and Gray took some of the scouts in for one after PowWow). This week, I was out running errands and Dunford Donuts was RIGHT on the way home ... it seemed silly NOT to stop. So I did. Grayson was out running errands (and scouts, PowWow again) and he ALSO stopped and bought a box for the family. A double dozen! Oops. Landon managed to snag his favorites from both boxes. He couldn't eat four right away, so with everyone watching, he licked the zebra and maple bar and set them aside for later. Gray and I went out to eat with my folks in the evening, but we skipped dessert and invited them back to the house to play games, visit with the kids ... and eat leftover donuts (Grandma anyway ... Celiac's stops Grandpa from such delights, but we had some gluten-free ice cream for him). 

Gray and I will have to try and communicate a little better before our next donut runs ... or maybe a double dozen isn't such a bad thing ... they did ALL get eaten!

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