Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sports Saturday ... Soccer Snap

Cooper's Cast

It wasn't the day I planned ... I love my sports Saturdays ... they are a bit crazy, but I love them! Today was no exception to the craziness. Grayson was busy with Pinewood derby stuff, a workshop in the morning hours, and weighing in the cars in the afternoon. So I was in charge of getting the kids to their various sporting events. It was a bit complicated, but I worked it out. Callahan had a basketball game at 9:00, Keaton's was at a different location at 10:00, and Cooper's soccer game was at 10:30. I got Cooper ready to go before I left in the morning and arranged for a teammate to pick him up for his game. I'd given Keaton the choice to come with me and watch Callahan's game, or to go watch the game before his own ... he chose the latter. So I dropped him off an hour early and headed to Callahan's game. Callahan's team won easily ... I'm thinking we should have played up, as the boys are simply too good for this league. Catch his game highlights (Callahan'sGame). We rushed from there to Keaton's game, and arrived just in time for tip off. Keaton's team won as well. See his game highlights (Keaton'sGame). Then it was on to the soccer field, hoping to catch the last half of Cooper's soccer game. We got there ... and about two minutes later, Cooper fell and screamed ... his arm was broken.

It didn't look like that bad of a fall. He wasn't tripped or pushed. I think he just stumbled over his own feet, or perhaps a depression in the ground. Yes ... I had my video camera going, so I watched the fall over again and ... still not sure how it happened. The arm was obviously broken, no question at all. His arm was bent. Everyone was very helpful, laying him down, calling 911, immobilizing the arm with a splint. I tried calling Grayson, but there isn't a phone in the garage and no one was picking up in the house. Callahan ran all the way home ( a half mile) to get him. We did consider trying to drive Cooper to the emergency room ourselves, but as the ambulance was already there, and he was in so much pain, we figured we'd go ahead and let the professionals move him and get him on some pain management right away. We went to the ER at the Riverton Primary Children's. We'd been through a bad break like this once before (with Landon), so I pretty much knew what to expect... the sedation, and setting the arm while under the x-ray ... pretty amazing stuff. There's always a bit of a concern that surgery or pins might be needed, but luckily, they were able to get the bones aligned with no complications.

The X-ray

Poor Cooper! He LOVES soccer, and this was only the second game of the season! And it's the same arm (the right one, and yes he's right handed), same two bones, that he broke just six months ago (here's THAT blog post). His poor arm hurt so much, and then with an IV in his left hand, that hurt too! After several hours at the hospital, we were able to go home. Cooper's in a cast (again) and on his way to healing. At least he is off track right now ... no school for the next three weeks. And it's a long soccer season, I wonder if he might even be able to get in another game ...

I remember last time Cooper broke his arm, I made a "fall" seasonal pun. This time, I guess it's "Spring BREAK" ... and to relive happier soccer moments, here's links to the videos I've made of his soccer seasons so far ...


  1. "You know, arms aren't supposed to bend like that..." Obvious.

    Hope he (and you guys...) are doing better!

  2. Oh man! He seems to get a lot of owies!


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