Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Derby Day!

Derby day is here! This was Keaton's last official derby (but we'll still have a scout for the next one, as Cooper will turn eight later in the year). Last year Keaton took third ... and he took third again this year! Congrats to Kade for a first place finish! We all went over to watch ... well, Landon went to try is car out, but left before the actual racing started (maybe he was just mad because Callahan's car beat his!)

With dwindling numbers (our ward only had six participants), the derby committee chose to combine with two other wards in the stake, which is a great idea. Not only can you save work and expense, but the race is actually better with more participants. There were 17 this year.

In addition to the regular race, another fun tradition Grayson picked up during his derbies elsewhere, was a BEAT THE BISHOP race. The Bishop made a car (a MiniCooper), then raced it against the boys. If you beat the Bishop, you won a prize. This was open to everyone (not just the scouts), so Cooper happily raced and WON ... Colton's car did NOT win (his impatience to get the wheels on means it didn't get all the special "speed" tricks and treatment, and it showed). Colton was sad ... but luckily he got a ring pop prize anyway.

After the beat the Bishop and fun races, it was time to insert THE LOOP ... not all cars make it through the loop, but many did. It was a fun end to a fun night. Here's the video highlights ...

Jordan Oaks Pinewood Derby
April 19, 2011

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