Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cooper's Cast

I had sent the Columbia kids off to school with the carpool, then I was dropping Colton off at preschool when the call came ... "Public Schools" ... across the caller id ... my heart always drops as I see that name. It was only 9:00 in the morning ... what could have gone wrong already? Cooper had tripped and fallen on his arm on the way to class. He was adamant that it was broken ... and he was right! I took him into the KidsCare for an x-ray, and I didn't even need the technician to say anything, it was pretty obvious. Both bones! Cooper got a splint there are the KidsCare and we followed up with an orthopedic specialist for his cast. It's a "long-arm" cast, immobilizing the elbow, going all the way up his arm. After about four weeks we may be able to move to a smaller cast, below the elbow.

I suggested an orange cast, as he'll have it on for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but Cooper wanted red. He's enjoyed having friends and family sign it. He still has a bit of a hard time using his fingers (writing, coloring, etc.) but he's actually just about to go off-track, so he won't even be in school for much of the time. Although, this will have an effect on our usual off-track bowling, I just don't think Cooper will be up for that :( ... but Cooper has been a trouper throughout this whole ordeal, he hardly ever complains. What a great kid!

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  1. He looks like he has been a trooper through the whole thing. Sorry about the "public schools" phone call so early in the morning. I fear those too. But his smile is so killer you hardly see the cast.


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