Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creating Cars

The Pinewood Derby is coming up ... during the weeks before, the Blackham garage is very busy! While there is only ONE actual cub scout in the family at the moment (that would be Keaton), very often ALL the kids want a car. Not only does Grayson help our boys, but actually holds workshops, sharing his tools and talent with anyone who asks.

Colton was SO excited to build his car. He came in and told me the steps ... "we cut the wood, make holes and put stuff in, then rub paper" ... he kept asking Grayson if he had "rubbed" (sanded) enough, and Daddy kept telling him he needed to do just a little more. Colton was SO excited to get his car painted, but then Daddy came across him looking oh so sad ... why? He wanted WHEELS. It wasn't quite dry, so there are more than a few fingerprints in the paint, but Colton was happy. Then Daddy had a derby, and Colton went with him. After the official race, he got to participate in the fun races ... here's a little video Daddy took (Colton does NOT like the messy graphite on his fingers ...)

Keaton and Cooper's cars are pictured below, sanded and primed. Those hangers? They USED to be MINE ... cute candles hung from them, before Grayson took them over ...

Landon and Callahan made cars too ... Landon created his completely on his own ... I'll share his in another post, as well as the kids completed cars and of course the derby itself! We're a derby family!

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