Friday, April 8, 2011

Kindergarten is Coming

It was Kindergarten registration today. Being a Friday, it was early out. I picked up the boys, hurried and ran them home, then turned around and went right back with Colton. There was a little presentation by the principal and teachers, then we went around to the classrooms to do some activities (in the picture above, the kids were told to write their name and then use it in a question survey ... the question was "What is your favorite ice cream, chocolate or strawberry?" ...I think the children were disappointed there wasn't really any ice cream ... but there were some cookies at a station in the cafeteria). And as part of kindergarten prep, Colton had needed to get his immunizations. I'd had a doctor's appointment scheduled for last month, but ended up usurping that for a bad ear infection (Colton's fever was high enough they wanted him recovered before going ahead with the shots). We did reschedule and made it in on Wednesday. Poor Colton, he tried to be brave, but he cried. The shots in his legs seemed to really hurt him, and he was walking stiff legged for the rest of the day.

With Colton being our youngest ... this will be the last kindergarten registration we'll have. I can still remember dropping Landon off at school his first day ... with Callahan, I misread the info about kindergarten starting a day later, and accidentally took him a day early. I signed Keaton up for kindergarten right as he turned five (August31), then decided to hold him for a year (so he actually registered twice!) With Cooper ... there was NO chance of him going when he was first eligible (just barely, another August birthday). Even an entire year later, I remember him crying all through kindergarten registration, even though I never left his side. I was so discouraged, but he has blossomed in school. I think Colton is excited and totally ready for school to start. He's such a social little fellow, he has a hard time at home when his brothers are at school and there's only Mom for company. Hurray for kindergarten!

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  1. That must have been a let down to show up a day early. I remember with Janika she had already visited the classroom and knew where to go and everything and so I decided to have her start right off riding the bus. But we had the wrong bus time and saw it pull up as we were still walking a ways up the street. We started booking it and were red faced and out of breath but she made it!


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