Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say Cheese (Balls)

Callahan wanted some cheese balls ... I don't know if he had some at a friend's house or at school, but something prompted a strong desire in him for these little balls of puffed cheese. I had purchased one of these HUGE barrels of balls once before at Sam's Club, and I don't think the kids got through them all and I ended up throwing a good portion out. Well ... as I'm quite a pushover (and after repeated asking and begging on Callahan's part), I picked one up last week. This time, the kids had NO trouble finishing it off (this picture was taken on the first day ... almost half gone already and completely gone as of this post). I do think the boys shared some with friends ... at least I HOPE so! I didn't help eat any though, they just don't tempt me. I actually did like them (and Cheetos) when I was young .... but I think it was in middle school, I purchased a big package (not quite as big as the package pictured here). As I spent my own money, I didn't have to share with my brothers and sister ... bleech, I overdid it ... I never finished the package, and I've never had a cheese puff since!

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