Friday, May 14, 2010

The Noah Nursery

When we moved into our current home about 15 years ago, little Landon was just a toddler. We were soon expecting #2, and I had fun decorating the nursery with a Noah's Ark theme. The nursery pretty much stayed the same through the next three little boys as well.
As #5 outgrew the crib, it became a container for many of the stuffed animals in the home (seems appropriate for a "Noah" theme doesn't it?) ... ok, I admit ... Crazy Frog isn't really an animal (our big guy looks a little scary there doesn't he?). The room itself remained the baby's room ... his clothes stayed there, but although there was a twin bed in the room, he chose to sleep down the hall with his brothers. We talked about rearranging, giving the room to Landon, or making it into a den for Gray, but just weren't very motivated to make a change. Then my brother and his wife received the amazing news that they were expecting (via adoption ... wow, they are 7 months along already!). As they could use some baby stuff, we passed on the crib, changing table and rocking chair.

It really opened the room up! I actually LIKE walking past the room now as it's not so messy and cluttered. Still Noah themed for the moment, we're still debating what to do with it. All three of the older boys have expressed an interest. Being the oldest, Landon would probably get first dibs. He came and tried out the bed and said "I feel like Buddy the Elf" ... Landon has NEVER had a twin bed, ever! I'm not sure he can adapt at this point. Actually, I'm not sure if ANY of the boys would actually SLEEP in the room ... alone ... (being a bit cramped, all the brothers have always had to share a room and they are used to having someone else around at night). So at some point, we'll probably swap out the curtains and comforter ... and then the closet ... it still has all of Colton's clothes in there.

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