Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making the Grade

With the end of November, comes the end of the first term in school. I had SEOPs (Student Educational Occupation Plan) for both Landon and Callahan. This consists of going to the school and meeting with the counselor and going over classes needed for graduation, the kids interests and aptitudes, etc. I got rave reviews for both boys, and both boys brought home a report card with a 4.0 (Callahan has a cumulative 4.0 as well, but this was Landon's first, and he was pretty excited to achieve it. I didn't even manage to pull a 4.0 until my senior year ... always had one pesky A- to ruin it!) VERY proud of my boys.

The little ones finished up their term as well. Colton, Cooper and Keaton all did wonderful as usual, although I didn't get to hear it directly from the teachers, as we went out of town for our Disneyland vacation during the scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences. We also missed the Honor Roll Assembly, where the boys were not present (ironically) to also receive their outstanding attendance award.

This next quarter may be a little difficult, as the boys missed FIVE days of school for our vacation and will have some catching up to do.

So question ... do you pay your kids for good grades? 

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  1. I haven't paid for grades with my girls, but I'm thinking about starting with my oldest boy. He needs some kind of motivation that his sisters haven't needed. Not sure how I'm going to do it though.


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