Friday, December 7, 2012

Ramada Recommendations and Candy Cane Comparisons

Cooper and Colton and Crushed Ice is Nice
We don't travel a lot, but it seems whenever we need to stay in St. George, we always go to the Ramada right there by the factory stores. So as we embarked on our trip to California, we stopped in St. George to help break up the drive. I'm not sure why the kids LOVE the Ramada so much, but they rave about it. Cooper and Colton loved the ice (it was the small, crunchy ice), and we enjoy the breakfast they offer.  It's nice to have the little fridge and microwave, and of course wifi. I wasn't super impressed with Ramada's wifi, it logged you out every five minutes and you had to sign back in, which was a pain. And of course the kids LOVE the pool and hot tub.

Enjoying the pool at the Ramada - We hit it to and from California

On our trip to Disneyland a few years ago, we stayed at the Portofino. Callahan was pretty adamant that he wanted to stay there again. It had been nice, but our rooms were several stories up (Cooper HAD to overcome his fear of elevators during our stay, it was just too many flights to try the stairs every time) and there was no complementary breakfast (which is an extreme disadvantage close to Disneyland, as all the eating establishments nearby seem very overpriced! ) This trip, Grayson  wanted to try the Candy Cane Inn, which he'd heard good things about.

We were on the ground floor, with parking right in front of the room (which is convenient) and were also able to have adjoining rooms (which is nice, as we needed two rooms just for our immediate family). The beds were quite a bit softer than the Ramada (which Gray liked), and again, we had the complimentary breakfast (no Belgian waffles and bacon/eggs like the Ramada, but they had some yummy muffins). Although it wasn't super warm outside, the boys again hit the pool and hot tub. The wifi was easier to stay signed in on ... the ice wasn't as nice (bigger chunks) though.

But there's no place like home *Ü*

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