Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Seven

Poor Colton, birthdays so near to Christmas often get lost in the shuffle. He has yet to have an official "party" (maybe I'll hold a "half" birthday party next summer) and this year, he was sick the entire week before his birthday. He missed another five days of school (on top of those missed from our Disney vacation). As he was struggling with fever, I told him I sure hoped he was feeling better by his birthday. He adamantly replied "even if I am still sick, I will STILL turn seven!"  Luckily, Colton was feeling better, enough to go to school and share a treat and participate in the Christmas sing-a-long. He even went to his friend Randon's house after school to play (and came home with some legos and a cute hat).

Maga came over and we sang to Colton and had some cake. While we were chatting, Colton put his jacket on over his jammies, put on his hat, got a blanket, and fell asleep on the couch. While he is feeling better, I think he's not 100% yet. Poor kid, completely worn out on his birthday!

Happy birthday little buddy. We sure do love you and all you bring to our family. As usual, I updated the Colton Photo Album on Facebook, so you can take a picture-walk down memory lane ...

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