Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fall Basketball

A while back I posted that both Callahan and Keaton had made the prep teams for Copper Hills High School basketball. Callahan was also already signed up for a league with his Nitrous team (which his been playing on for a couple of years), so as schedules came out, Wednesday nights became pretty crazy. Callahan would have two games, and Keaton one, all over the Salt Lake Valley, all within the evening hours. Multiple practices each week and games on Saturday as well. Busy basketball season ahead!

Of course ... then Callahan broke his foot. That DID simplify my life a bit. He still went to practices and games to continue to learn the plays and support his team, but as he wasn't actually playing, I just had him hitch a ride to games with teammates. I concentrated on Keaton, in his first competitive experience. He (and the team) have done really well. They played in the Wednesday night superleague, and the Saturday Dimple Dell league. They lost one game in each league, and won the rest. I did my thing (making videos of the game highlights) and updated our basketball blog with Keaton's Fall Season, if you wanted to check out the team in action. Keaton has really enjoyed the team and made a bunch of new basketball buddies.

Winter season coming up ... we really hope Callahan will get the ok to play at least part of the season (it' is healing, but SO slowly). His team is playing in the SL Superleague and the Utah County Bantam League  Keaton's team will do the SL Superleague and the AAU High School Prep League.  

As for the other boys ... Landon will be reffing Junior Jazz again, and Colton will be playing (1st grade). Cooper was adamant that he did NOT want to play this year, so I didn't sign him up (he did SO good last year, I'm really going to be sad not seeing him in action other than the hoop in the family room ... but it is plenty busy with what we already have going, so ... I guess it's all good).

Blackham basketball ... it's what we do ...

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