Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Guess what? I have an iPhone! Grayson would have been willing to spring for one, but I said I didn't need it. I just didn't feel I could justify the cost. Then, Grayson went out and bought LANDON one!  Ok, if my 17 year old son is going to have an iPhone, then I did want one for myself. It was a public service really, because I was a little hard to keep in contact with. When asked for a contact#, this was my speech ... "The home # is XXX, but it's just a landline, you can't text it. If you want to text, my textfree # is XXX. I can only get texts when I'm home or have WiFi, and it is ONLY text, you can't call it. My cell # is XXX, you can call or text it, but I rarely have it with me" ... yes, it was a pain. So now, I'm actually set. I do love being able to check email while I'm out and about, and I do actually keep my phone with me now almost all the time. So call me maybe!

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