Friday, December 21, 2012

Columbia Christmas Program

Every year in December, the school puts on it's annual holiday program. Usually the boys wear a cute Santa or Elf hat, or at least wear red or green, but not this year. Colton had been sick for several days before hand, so he's lucky he knew the songs as well as he did. All the first graders had pictures to hold up during one of their songs, but Colton didn't, as they had been made during one of the days he missed.

Cooper was so funny with his little perma-smile pasted on his face. They teachers in the third grade classes must have really been stressing SMILING to the kids ... Cooper cooperated!

The 6th grade started the program off ... I was there, pretty near the front with my video camera in hand. Keaton said afterward "We must have been really bad, because you didn't even video us very long" ... I told him I just caught a few snippets of all the kids ... I just like a bit to capture on camera and remember which songs the kids sang and how they change from year to year.  Here's the little muvee ... the hour program, condensed into about two minutes (only featuring the 6th, 3rd and 1st grades, and only focusing on the Blackham boys and anyone standing right next to them).

Kindergarten finished the program. I should have kept the camera running for one little boy who was singing his heart out. Then he looked into the audience and shouted the proverbial "Hi Mom!" followed by a "Dad, take my picture!" It had everyone laughing.

Until next year ... at least for two of the Blackham Boys ...

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