Monday, December 10, 2012

A Cheesy Project

Callahan had to do a science fair project for school.  Yea ... as I pulled out the cheese and had to cut off some moldy sections, I suggested maybe he could research what we should do to try and prevent the mold, as it's a pretty consistent problem at our house (we like cheese, but we usually don't go through the big 5 pound block that quickly.)

He (we) researched the topic and found that it's mostly air, and contamination (germs from hands, the knife,  cutting surface) that add to more mold growing on cheese. We cut up four cubes and packaged them in various ways and then left them in the fridge for several weeks. Wrapping the cheese chunk tighly in saran wrap did seem to provide the best results. We hadn't done this with our own cheese (we'd just been keeping it in a basic bag, the similar sample was the most moldy) ... but now we do.

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