Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doing Disney

Buzz and the Blackham Boys

Maga loves Micky ... she wanted to spring for tickets to Disneyland for the boys this Christmas. So right after Thanksgiving, our family, Ana's family, and Pam and Olivia headed to California for a few days. While we were there, we even met up with my brother Shane and his family, who happened to be hitting the park that same week!

We hit the shops (the Lego store is always fun, and Landon drooled over a Buzz Lightyear jacket that we did buy eventually.)

Space Mountain

Tower of Terror

Space Mountain was probably the ride we went on the most, although Grayson sat it out.  Other favorites were Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror (Cooper sat that one out), Splash Mountain (even though it was too cold to be wet) and we did manage to make it onto the new Cars ride - although I don't think I can say it is worth the wait. Grayson stood in the FastPass line one morning to get us all tickets, otherwise that line was well over an hour long!

As I have five BOYS, the Disney Princesses weren't really on the list of characters the boys wanted to see, but they were pretty happy to catch the little show by Phinneas and Ferb. Here's Phinneas giving Colton and Cooper five ...

 We found Wreck it Ralph
and Cooper connected with a couple other characters
(Flick and Stitch, photos below)

It was good for Grayson to get away from work for a week, and the boys really enjoyed hanging out with their little cousins! Thanks Maga for the memories. 

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