Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brushes with Fame

Several weeks ago, our ward had a special fireside. The speaker was Branden Campbell and his wife. He is the bass player for Neon Trees ("Everybody Talks" "Animal" ...).  Here's Landon and his buddy Jake with Branden.

Callahan needed to read a book for school in one of the following genres: sci-fi, survivalist, teen issues. I had just read a book called "Night of the Purple Moon" which was all three of those topics rolled into one, so I recommended  that to him (I only had it in digital format, so I had to get permission from his teacher for Callahan to read it on an electronic device). I posted a review on our family GoodReads account (here) and was contacted by the author to see if Callahan would be willing to do a little interview which the author then put on his blog (here). Scott Cramer (the author) then sent Callahan an autographed copy. 

Keaton had finished playing in his basketball game when we noticed a VERY TALL man standing in the corner (it was at CopperHills, with multiple games going on that day).  After some whispers, one of the moms went and got an autograph. It was Thurl Bailey. He graciously gave some autographs and took a picture with one of the kids on the team and wished one of our players a happy birthday after he heard the team sing to him. I didn't have my camera on hand, or I would have grabbed a picture with he and Keaton too.

I wonder who Cooper and Colton are going to come into contact with next?

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