Monday, January 30, 2012

More Word Games

While I never was a fan of "Scrabble", I really have been enjoying playing "Words with Friends" for the past few months. The same company introduced another game called "Hanging with Friends" and while the boys really liked it, it just didn't quite stick with me (it was like Hangman).  Zynga company has introduced yet another word game, this one is called "Scramble with Friends" and it is like "Boggle", which is a game I have always enjoyed ... and it is my new favorite. I actually fought it a bit when it first came out. As usual, the boys were the first ones to give it a try. They installed it on my Ipod and started a game for me ... I ended up using this same technique to get Grayson to give it a go. He's now hooked as well.

Unlike traditional Boggle, Scramble gives the letters a numeric value, the same as those in Words/Scrabble. There are also three rounds, in in the second and third rounds, there are double/triple letter and word tiles to boost points as well. 

I've admitted that I "cheat" in Words with Friends. There are a lot of "helps" where you can input your letters and be given several word possibilities in return. Even when cheating, I'm usually right on par with those I play with (I really wouldn't be much of a challenge otherwise).

Now in Scramble, there isn't time to cheat, and I actually like that. There are "powerups" that are provided ... three little "helps" that you can choose from. Freeze gives you extra time, Inspiration will show you up to three words you haven't found, and Scramble rotates the game board, providing you with a new perspective.

The Blackham Bunch is Scrambling right now ... we all seem quite addicted to this game. What Gray and I  can't figure out is how Callahan keeps beating us both!

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