Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekend "Work" & Blackham Basketball

Grayson has been working with Havenhill Homes for a couple of years now. The guys (Dave, Tony and Gray) left for a company retreat to St. George over the MLK weekend(Jan12-15). Gray said it was for planning, but it sounded like they got in a lot of playing too. They golfed, biked and even hit the casinos in Mesquite. They left Thursday after work and got back Sunday afternoon. Gray said it was a good trip. The photo above is some of their hard "work" ...

Back at home ... there was basketball. Now with five boys all involved, I've been leaning pretty heavily on Gray to help out each Saturday with the inevitable scheduling conflicts. Without him around I had to figure it out on my own (and with a little help from teammates, Grandpa and Maga). Just to complicate matters a bit, one of Callahan's teams was participating in an AAU tournament too (which added four additional games, two of them on Saturday) AND church ball started this week as well! So ... guess how many games we had on deck for Saturday ... TEN. 

It started  early. At 8:00, Callahan (and the teachers/deacons from the ward) had a game, which turned out just to be a scrimmage because the other team didn't have enough players. I was there with video camera in hand (see the game here). Too bad it wasn't a real game, because Callahan did really well :)  10:00 had three games. Callahan had his 7th grade Junior Jazz game,  Landon had his church ball game (priests), and Colton had his kindergarten game. I sent Callahan with a teammate, Landon was already at the church, and I went with Colton. At 12:00, I went with Callahan to his High School Prep game. His 8th grade Junior Jazz game was at the same time, unfortunately he can only be in one place at a time, but the team managed to win even without him *Ü* ... Callahan's Copper Hills team won too (video here). 2:00 was busy again -- Callahan had a tournament game (I sent him with teammates and Maga went there to watch), Keaton had his Junior Jazz game (Grandpa took him, and dropped Landon off at his ref shift which also started at 2:00) and I went with Cooper to his Junior Jazz game (he is SO cute, check out his game here). Then at 4:00 Callahan had his last game of the day (same location as the 2:00 game, so he had just stayed and I joined him there to watch).  Callahan had gotten a knee in the thigh during the 12:00 game, and it did affect his play in the 2:00 and 4:00 games, and made him admit that there could possibly be such a thing as too much basketball. He had actually had enough for the day.

I did still have to go pick up Landon at 7:00.

A big thanks to Grandpa and Maga for coming  and helping out (Grandpa has come out a few times other weeks,when Gray and I needed to be in three different places at once).   I was still sad that I missed some of the games myself (I made it to five, just half). I really enjoy watching the boys play! If the schedule had worked out that I could have attended all 10 games, I happily would have!

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