Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Ah ... Halloween. It's not my favorite holiday. But this year wasn't bad. With the boys on D track at school, the school Halloween party always sets the stage a little early (it was on October 19). I went to school to watch the costume parade (it was the first year they actually had D track do it) and to help with class parties. During Keaton's party I was busy running one of the game stations, but Cooper's class had enough help, so I grabbed my cameras and took pictures and video. The muvee is below ... featuring the parade then Cooper's class party.

As if Halloween doesn't provide enough temptation with all the candy around, I was also in a baking mood. I made the pumpkin cookie press cookies (Keaton's favorite), cinnamon rolls, homemade oreos, spiderweb cubcakes and sugar cookies cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter ...

It's fun to make funny faces
on the cookies with candy corn.

The Saturday before Halloween, it was the annual neighborhood "Trunk or Treat" over at the church. Callahan's group was in charge of one of the theme rooms. They all dressed up like nerds and gave out nerds candy. I wish I had gotten a picture of him! I took Cooper and Colton over and they enjoyed it.

While the younger boys were out of school on Halloween itself, Landon and Callahan were still going. They both dressed up a little.

I took the little boys to Maceys in the morning (groceries and credit union for me, trick or treating around the store for them). They broke out the jailbird costumes, complete with handcuffs. Then both boys went to a scout Halloween party in the afternoon.

The boys were SO excited to go out in the evening. Grayson took them around. Cooper started out as a stormtrooper, but said the mask was too hard to see through, so he dashed home and changed after just a few houses. Callahan wasn't planning on going out, but when friends were, he (and Keaton) joined them ... their costumes? An NBA jersey ... I don't feel too bad I didn't get a picture of that (as that's pretty much everyday attire for them).

At home with the "haul"

Kit Kats and Twix are the favorites for the little boys. I let them trade things they didn't want for things on our bowl (we were actually passing out the good stuff this year, KitKats, Reeses, 100 Grand and Crunch, the kids current favorites. I HAD picked up a big bag of Smarties but then Grayson mocked them ... but my boys do like them!). I love how the kids sort and count their candy *Ü*

And of course the Halloween season wouldn't be complete without the Halloween Ghost (other years it has been the Phantom). I do like this online version, with printable sheets. Dropping off a treat, encouraging you to pass it on ... I admit, I was ssss.....l.....o.....www to pass it on ... but I finally did. Halloween night I was inside baking goodies inbetween answering the door (actually, Landon was a big help with that).

The weather couldn't have been nicer for trick or treating!
Thanks Mother Nature!

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