Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drawing Dragons & Cute Kindergarten Creations

Cooper has always been my "coloring kid." I was cleaning up in his room, when I came upon a box a drawings and artwork I had set aside. Inside, was a little "book" he had created that I had always meant to scan into the computer for safekeeping. I think he made these a couple years ago when he was in kindergarten, but I'm not positive on that timeline. I remember he went through a dragon drawing phase ... he drew SO many, with slight variations, but always the same basic shape. So better late than never, I finally scanned them in and am sharing them here on the blog.

As I saved the drawn dragon files on the computer, I came across a couple other cute kindergarten creations (that I HAD gone ahead and scanned and saved ... I'm so glad because I have no idea where the original projects are now). Below, is a short story by kindergarten Callahan ...

Years later, he still like DREBY cars *Ü*

I remember Keaton creating this short story ... I had to ask him for a little help with the interpretation, but he knew exactly what it said. I posted the translation to the side ...

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  1. That is so cute! Don't you just love their phonetic spelling? I have saved many of my kids school papers/pictures but haven't gotten around to scanning most of them yet. I had to laugh in the story because before I read the interpretation, I was trying to "read" it and in the middle left dialogue, it looks like, "...I bring my Wii -- School is over, baby!" Ha Ha!


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