Friday, October 7, 2011

Soccer Success

While Cooper's soccer season was stressful, we did have a lot of FUN soccer memories with little Colton. We signed him up with Gene Fullmer Rec, putting him on the team with buddies Bradley and Randon. I didn't originally sign up to be coach again, but after being asked if I'd be willing, I went ahead and said ok. We ended up having two little girls that been on the Spring team as well, plus a couple new boys that really knew how to handle the ball. We were the Blue Sharks and we had a very successful season, we only lost one game.

Colton was enjoying soccer so much, that when Uncle Clay said he was putting together a kindergarten team at Marv Jensen Rec, we decided we'd put Colton on that team too. Gene Fullmer had started really early in the season, and with mid-week games, it only lasted four weeks, ending in September. There was about one week of overlap, one Saturday Colton had TWO soccer games, then the Blue Sharks ended and the Green Monkeys had their season.

The Green Monkeys won their first few games, I even stepped in to coach one games as Clay and Courtney were in St. George. Then we hit some harder teams (and colder days and nights, brrr). So, soccer season is now officially done ... it was fun. Here's a couple videos ...


  1. Cute picture! I like how you match the team!

  2. I'm sure that Colton didn't enjoy playing with the Green Monkeys as much this year...hopefully it just helped his defensive skills. :) He's gonna be an awesome soccer player someday!


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