Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Court of Honor

It was Court of Honor tonight. Usually, just Gray and the older two boys go, I stay home with the little ones. But Grayson accidentally scheduled a derby for himself, so I got to be the parental presence, and the little boys got to come along too. Keaton did turn 11 last month, so he is now included in the "bigger boys" although he didn't get any awards last night. As Cooper has started scouting, I went ahead and had him get his shirt on, and I even found an extra for Colton! Five Blackham Boy scouts!

One tradition of the Court of Honor are the POP prizes ... 2-liter bottles of soda sit on a side table, and as the boys are presented their awards, they get to pick a bottle of pop. Another item that has become standard at the presentations, is a video slideshow of the activities since the last Court of Honor. Gray was a little busy with work so he asked if I would put it together this time. I love making Muvees, and there were a lot of fun photos and video to work with. So if you want a glimpse into the activities of Pack 717, here you go ...

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