Saturday, October 1, 2011

School Stuff: Pictures, Switches and Other Updates

So ... school back in session, back to the routine.
Homework, carpools and school pictures!
Five Blackham Boys :)

Here's a few school updates ~
  • School Switch: A week or so into the school year, a friend of Landon's transferred from West Jordan to Herriman High School. Landon decided he really would like to make the switch too. After taking a look at all the pros and cons, we went ahead and instigated the transfer. Landon seems to be enjoying his new school.
  • Carpools: One thing that made the school switch possible, was the Landon found a carpool that would get him there in the morning if I could pick up after school. In the mornings, I'm taking Callahan to school, then I get home in time to get the Columbia kids off in their carpool. The afternoons are spent driving ... Highschool carpool, MiddleSchool carpool, then elementary school ... But luckily I haven't been having to make the trip to the school in the middle of the day because of the kindergarten carpool!
  • School Carnival: The school hosted a fundraising carnival. It had to be pushed back a week after the plane crash. The new date was already completely packed. Grayson and Landon had a pinewood derby, Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice, I needed to take Colton to a soccer game ... which left Cooper really wanting to go to the carnival, but no one to take him. Luckily, we had some friends who were willing to have a tag-a-long, so he went and had a great time. Colton and I hit the last 30 minutes, getting in some games and treats and bringing Cooper home.
  • Dress-Up Days: It was Red Ribbon week at school, with dress up days...

Hat Day

Sports Jersey Day

There was also "Dress like your twin day" ... Cooper and his buddy Ridley both wore their soccer jerseys, and Keaton took a complete outfit for a buddy at school to wear (he said they looked SO much alike, I wish I had a picture). The final day was to wear a shirt with a geographic location on it ... we had a couple "Utah" shirts for that.

I remember years ago (in 2005), the school had "crazy hair day" ... as the boys needed haircuts, Gray cut them into mohawks just for the day. As soon as it was over, it was back to the Blackham buzz!

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  1. Such cute boys! Glad Landon is liking his new school!


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