Monday, October 24, 2011

Let There Be Light

For a few months now, our outdoor lights on our garage have been down to a solitary bulb. It's not that we were too lazy to change out the other two, it was that it was practically impossible to do! You would twist and twist, and the bulb would not budge. So Grayson decided it was time to just replace the fixtures as a whole. He put Landon to work ... and now we have light :)

You know how it is when you make one change ... you notice other things that need to be fixed or replaced as well. Grayson also replaced all the lights in the kitchen with new LED ones. They are brighter, and hopefully won't need to be changed (as they are so high, changing bulbs in them was quite an ordeal).

And not to be left out ... he also replaced the light attachment on the fan in our bedroom. He'd just replaced this one a little over five years ago, but I'd never liked it. The fixture covered the bulbs completely, which made it not very bright and very difficult to change burned out bulbs. I like my lights open ... and this new one is. I'm surprised every time I walk into the room now, it's so bright.

Gray also went around and replaced burned out bulbs throughout the house ... thanks Gray! It's so nice to have such a handy husband. Let there be light *Ü*.

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