Monday, October 17, 2011

Honor Roll

School has been in session for several weeks now, in fact, the quarter is coming to an end. We had parent/teacher conferences with all the boys, and an honor roll assembly for the Columbia kids. So that the assembly doesn't drag on and on, the school breaks it up into two different programs. On the school website, it seemed to suggest dividing the kids according to their track (C track and D track), but then they did it according to age. One for kindergarten-2nd grade, and for 3rd - 6th grade. I actually think the track division would work better, because for families (like ours!) with kids in all grades, it makes for a LONG afternoon sitting through both assemblies (and the break in-between). But I was happy that my three Columbia kids all made the honor roll! And thanks to friends who helped with middle and high school carpool pickup (which I usually do) so that I was able to attend.

I had been a little concerned that Cooper's weather worries might impact his learning and school performance (he's missed quite a bit of class coming home or sitting out a storm in the safety of the office). But academically, he's doing great (and while we're still working on the weather worries, I think we're slowing getting better there too).

I'm not exactly sure what it takes
to make honor roll in kindergarten ...
but way to go Colton!

All three boys also got attendance awards (for missing 0-1 days of school) and rave reviews from the teachers at Parent/Teacher conference. Callahan's conference at West Hills was a student/lead conference. I'm not totally sold on those. He's doing great and while none of the teachers requested a meeting, we went around and touched base with a few of them while we were there. Landon's conferences at Herriman were in the gym, with all the teachers positioned around and parents could visit with those they wanted to connect with. We talked with all of Landon's teachers. He still had a couple hiccups from transferring in late, but we worked out a couple of items that night and I think we're on track for good grades as the quarter comes to a close.

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