Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preschool Graduation

It just seems like yesterday that COOPER was the one graduating from preschool ... I remember walking to Ms. Cindy's house with both little boys in the stroller ... Colton always wanted to go too. Then it WAS his turn, and two years have gone by. Now COLTON is the "graduate". Ms. Cindy held a cute little program at the local library.

Colton's class consisted of
Tanner, Julie, Jeffery, Nathan, Colton and Bradley
( in that order in the photo above)

Guess who's who? I hadn't thought to dress Colton up, figuring the cute yellow gown would cover up his clothes anyway ... I forgot his little legs would show *Ü* Here's a quick video capturing Colton ...

Just as Colton came to Cooper's Graduation. Cooper came to Colton's ... Daddy came too, but the other brothers weren't too interested in offering family support. Hurray for Colton ... now on to Kindergarten!

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