Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bear Lake Blackhams

This past weekend, we took an impromptu vacation to Bear Lake. Grayson is going there in a couple of weeks with the scouts, and he wanted to check a couple things out ... and it's been a while since the Blackhams went on a vacation ... even Mom and Cooper went this time (they've bailed on the last couple of family trips, but a three-hour drive, I guess I can handle that).

We haven't been to Bear Lake in a long time! There was a big family gathering there many years ago (when Callahan was a toddler), and we went again when Keaton was a baby, but it's been about 10 years!

As we were a little last minute making our plans, we couldn't get a nice condo, but found an inexpensive motel right on the beach. It wasn't fancy, no cable or WiiFi, but we got along fine.

There was a little mini-golf course, and it was great because no one else was there. The boys could take their time, repeat holes as many times as they wanted, and it provided ample photo opportunities.
Callahan actually smiled for this picture
(he got a hole in one).

Cooper and Mom

This "trike" was available for rent ($10 an hour) and I wish we had taken the time to try it out. Maybe the scouts will give it a go when they come up.

The water was high, there wasn't a lot of beach and it was pretty marshy ... not really calling for us to come into the water. But the pool there, that was a different story! The boys love swimming and are always excited about a hot tub. Poor Cooper though :( ... he actually could have gotten his cast off at our last visit, but he (and I) weren't quite ready for his arm to be totally unprotected, so they put on a cast for a couple more weeks. After NOT being able to swim, Cooper is ready to have the cast off! Nice farmer tan boys!

The boys loved this spinner at the playground ...

As we weren't in a condo, to be able to cook our own food, we ate out. The boys were suitably impressed with the famous "Bear Lake Raspberry shakes" (Mom and Cooper shared a chocolate malt) and everyone enjoyed a big breakfast ... Eat up Callahan!

Colton met a moose ...

So Grayson and Landon will be going back in just a couple of weeks. One of the main points of the scout trip is to participate in a 50 mile bike ride! For the past few weeks, the scouts have been getting together to get into shape and get ready for the big ride. They did 25 miles this last Saturday morning. Grayson had heard that circling the entire lake was right around 50 miles, so that was the plan. As we first pulled into view of the lake, Landon looked out the window and gasped "That is NOT 50 miles" ... it did look huge (I couldn't even come close to capturing it all in the photo above.) Grayson did drive around it though, verifying that it was indeed almost 50 miles exactly. Good luck boys!

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