Monday, June 20, 2011

Chop Chop

The love of gardening is NOT hereditary. Both my parents love to work out in the yard, and my mother-in-law enjoys it too... but NOT me. They both have lovely landscapes ... but not me! I had managed to get the front yard somewhat under control, but as no one really sees the backyard, I never really got around to it.

I took this picture several weeks ago (early May I think) ... poor little tulips trying to make a showing, the weeds gaining ground. And the peach tree ... there were no blossoms, only a few leaves on the uppermost branches. It's pretty much dead I think.

The weeds continued to grow (look at those ... they are taller than Colton!) After the nice rainstorm on Sunday, I thought we should take advantage of the softened soil to yank those weeds out. Now, as Landon is out of school and just sitting around ... and the only reason parents have children is for slave labor, of course I sent Landon out to try and make the back flowerbed presentable. Colton "helped" too.

After being poked several times by the low hanging branches, Landon's focus shifted from weeds, to the tree. He chopped off the offending branches ... then chopped down the entire tree.

IF we every get around to finishing up the flowerbed, I'll try to update this post with an "after" picture. Right now we're waiting for the trucks to come empty the green waste can so Landon can continue chop chopping (as the dead tree is currently still sitting in the backyard ... I'm not sure it's an improvement !) Chop chop Landon!

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