Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grandpa Gordy's Grave

Memorial Day (a week late) 2011
This year, Memorial Day weekend was cool and rainy, so we put off visiting the cemetery until the weather was nicer and the crowds were gone ... and the grass was LONG. When I shared this picture with the family that wasn't able to make it, Uncle Kolby made the comment "Did Gordy take this picture?" ... with the slant on the photo and the long grass, it almost does look like the picture was possibly taken from that perspective (but no ... just down the hill with the timer, I should have brought the taller tripod).

As we were discussing why we were going to the cemetery with the little boys, I had to explain that Daddy's Daddy had died, and we were going to see his grave. Gordon passed away before Gray and I were married, so the kids never got to know Grandpa Gordon. They haven't really had to deal with death to try to understand it. My Grandpa passed away last year, and the viewing had been a little much for the two little ones to deal with (they both cried and had to be taken out). This memory came up as we were planning to leave, and as I talked to them about Grandpa Rex (my Grandpa) the boys were a bit alarmed ... "Grandpa Rex died???" as "Grandpa Rex" is what we also call Rex Bailey, Maga's husband. After clearing up the confusion between MY Grandpa Rex (their GREAT-Grandpa) and THEIR Grandpa Rex (and that Grandpa Rex was just fine) ... we headed out.

The grass was SO long, as Landon lay down in it,
he was almost swallowed up!

Being a typical teenager, he kept turning away and hiding his face as I tried to take a picture of him. I felt like a photographer on safari, trying to capture a wild animal. Sneaking up ... trying not to spook him ... he looks a little like a wild animal, don't you think?

Finally a smile ...

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