Thursday, June 9, 2011

TV Time

The television in the family room died a couple weeks ago. It really wasn't unexpected, it had been having some strange lines on it for a while, and it was old. I think it may have been there since we moved into this house (almost 14 years ago!) While we don't watch a lot of "television" the TV itself is used quite a bit for watching shows from the Ipod or DVDs and streaming Netflix. We ordered a new television (Grayson was actually quite excited about this, as he's a gadget guy) and while we waited, I pulled up a small set we had sitting downstairs ... so from OLD, to SMALL, to ...

This television actually is NOT the new one ... Gray claimed the new one for us *Ü* He moved this one from our room to the family room, and it fit perfectly! This TV is still several years old, but it's big and a lot nicer than the one the kids were used to watching, so they are pretty happy with the setup. Just in time for summer ... just in time for the final NBA championship games!

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