Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wrapping Up Spring Sports

It was actually a sunny Saturday! After so many rainy ones, it was very welcome. Today WOULD have been Cooper's last game. He only played two (and a half). We had been told eight games when we signed up, then only seven were scheduled... then with the soggy spring, I think the team only got to play six. But friends were nice enough to bring Cooper his trophy at the end of the season, and he was thrilled to get it!

It was a busy sports day again. Keaton's Game was at 11:00, Callahan's Game was at 1:00. They both won. Callahan's team was 8-0, Keaton's team was 7-1. These were the final games of the spring season for the basketball boys, but both of them are signing up for summer. After basketball we rushed right to Colton's soccer game at 2:00. Today WOULD have been Colton's last game too, but Gene Fullmer did reschedule the poor game that was rained out THREE times. It will be May31 to finish up that season *Ü*

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