Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyond Basic Bowling

I've posted previously about Blackham Bowling ... off-track time or as a family, it's something we've enjoyed. Recently, we've had other "bowling" opportunities too, beyond the basics. While at Grandma and Grandpa's house, the boys started up the WiiSports. Cooper was pretty impressed with his score here (a strike, followed by all spares) and wanted me to take a picture. Since then, the boys have come home and started playing WiiSports here too. I don't think they had played it in over a year, but it's once again a favorite for everyone. Funny, the cycles kids go through.

For Easter, we got this little bowling game, and the kids (and friends) have really enjoyed it. I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet! It's been out since Easter and is in daily use.

And then back to Allstar Lanes ... not for off-track bowling, but to try their "After School Bash" which is quite the deal! Available Mon-Fri from 2:30-5:30, for $7, kids get two hours of bowling (including the shoe rental), a small drink AND a card to use in the arcade with $5 worth of credit on it! Callahan commented "I don't know how they make a profit" ... then he went to play in the arcade, came back just a few minutes later saying he had spent all his credits and could he have more money, and could I buy everyone something to eat. Therein lies the answer, but it still is a great deal. The kids really only did one and a half games of bowling. The half was because there was an error and we had to start over. Callahan was NOT happy, because he had started on a streak, a TURKEY (three strikes in a row). As we moved to the new lane and started over, he didn't do nearly as well and he was pretty frustrated. It's just a game ... I pretty much just aim to break 100 if possible *Ü*

Just one final "beyond bowling" tidbit ... if you haven't seen Jim Gaffigan's bit on bowling, it's pretty funny (and he's quite clean for a comedian!) Gray and I went and saw him a couple years ago when he came to Utah.

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