Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sports

Go Colton!
Love the tongue hanging out *Ü*
Here's the weekly update for our sports filled Saturdays ...
  • First up was Callahan, with a 9:00 game. He LOVES the early games ... he hates waiting. In the first moments of the game, the other team was actually ahead! We had made one basket, then the other team made a three. That was the first time the entire season the opposing team has lead. It didn't last long though, it was an easy win for the team. Highlights here.
  • Keaton's game was at 12:00. For the first time, I used my new video camera I got for Mother's Day (I didn't use it for Callahan's game, as I have been using a program to make his muvees which can't handle the advanced files the new HD camcorders produce ... I have been using an alternate version for Keaton's games, trying to get used to the new program, in anticipation of needing to make the switch). Anyway, they won ... highlights here.
  • Colton had his soccer game at 2:00 and another on Monday at 5:30 (it was a little chilly!). Colton is a really good little soccer player. He does need to learn to control the ball a bit (sometimes it gets away from him when he's on a fast break), but he's got the dribbling and shooting down and always knows which way to go. I really love watching him play, which ironically as coach ... I actually don't see as much, being right in the middle of the action and trying to keep track of all the kids. I went back and took the video I had taken of the first couple games (before I took over coaching) and made a little muvee ... so Colton's Soccer is now on YouTube as well. *Ü*


  1. You took over coaching? Cool -- way to go!

  2. I remember when you were little and always stuck out your tongue when you were concentrating (like when twirling the baton!)


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