Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Another busy Saturday ... full of not only sports, but also scouting activities! Callahan was up and off early (before 7:00) to go with the scouts to the West Jordan museum for some service. Keaton had the first game at 9:00 ... they won. You can see the highlights here. After Keaton's game, he and Dad went on a scouting activity to the Great Salt Lake and were gone most of the morning.

Callahan had taken all his basketball stuff with him to the scout activity, and it was within walking distance of the rec center, so he just headed over himself when it was time (10:00 game). I was late getting there from Keaton's game, so his video is the shortest one yet (I missed almost the entire first quarter ... Callahan kept track of his baskets though, saying he did make four points not captured on film). Again, an easy win, although it was the best team we'd played this season (Cole and Hunter).

If it weren't for the broken arm, we would have then been rushing from Callahan's basketball game to Cooper's soccer game ... but alas, I don't think Cooper will be getting any more games in this season. We went to the doctor on Thursday, I'm no expert, but the x-ray didn't look good :( They changed out the cast, so Cooper is now sporting a bright green one (still a long arm cast above the elbow).

We did have Colton's soccer game in the afternoon. Colton's coach got a promotion at work and wasn't going to be able to be at the remaining games, so they had asked for someone to take over. I volunteered ... and boy, it's harder than it looks! Trying to keep track of all the kids so they get equal playing time, some didn't want to play at all, giving high fives, getting kids in position ... I think we won ... it's amazing how much you miss when you are right in the middle of it all. Both teams got several goals in though, so I think all the kids had fun. Pictures afterward ... maybe I'll update this post when I get them back *Ü*

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