Thursday, May 19, 2011

Riding a Razor

Colton has a little friend named Randon ... now this can be a bit confusing for our family, as we have a Landon, and as Colton still has trouble pronouncing many letters ... he says both names exactly the same (Wandon). Anyway, Randon and his dad (and his dog ... see Daisy there in the back), came over in the four wheeler and offered Colton a ride. I was inside and it was about time to pick up the boys from school when Colton came in and asked if he could go for a ride with Randon. I said no, as I had to leave and I'm not comfortable with him riding his bike unsupervised. I didn't realize he meant a ride in their cool little car. Colton was SO sad, and SO mad at me. After we returned with the boys, I texted Randon's family saying IF they were out and about again, Colton would love a ride. They were so nice and came back over. So much fun!

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