Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ah Mother's Day ... I'm not a big fan (the same goes for birthdays and other similar stuff ... sorry. I do really like Christmas and Thanksgiving though *Ü*). I got cards from the kids and flowers from hubby (aren't they pretty? I have to take pictures, as the flowers fade but the floral photo will always be around).

Another gift from Grayson was a new video camera. If you follow this blog, you're probably aware I enjoy making muvees, especially of the kids sporting events. Grayson doesn't quite understand the need to capture EVERY game ... so I laughed a little that he got me something that will encourage me to do that even more *Ü* I had just been using my digital camera for videos (not even a camcorder) ... I went around the house giving my new gadget a quick test run ...

Landon spoke in Sacrament Meeting. The kids sang a couple songs (I was the substitute chorister for the day). We got our yummy truffle at the end of the meeting. Colton had the talk in Primary. We had seen Pam yesterday at Thanksgiving Point, so we went out to visit my folks Sunday... played some games and ate brownies. Happy Mother's Day!

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